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Welcome to Little Picture House, we are a small creative production company based in Cork, Ireland. We develop and hand-craft promotional videos & photography for businesses.

Our visual content allows your customers to experience the advantages  your business provides, gaining insight, clarity and a greater appreciation of the value you offer. Our work may be created digitally and live on-line, but we very much believe in a personal service and a hands-on approach to working with you and your business.  

What We Do

Our Services

Design - Develop - Market

Showcases your business, product range, brands, on-line shop and services, creates a human connection while creating an incentive for customers to purchase.


A powerful way of giving potential buyers real world feedback on the functions, benefits and uses your products and services provide.


Good photography is indispensable for any company whether you’re a start up or seasoned business, capture products, services, employees profiles and advertising.


Re-assures customers making a purchase in store or on-line by emphasizing a product’s benefits, quality, price point and available options.


What it does? How it works? Where the different features are? A “How to guide” for your customers or a training guide for new recruits.


Our video editing services are developed to enhance your footage, whether it’s family, start up or corporate, making it a more enjoyable and memorable experience for the viewer.

Make that human connection with our hand-crafted video 

Why Video?

see the benefits for yourself


Promotional videos condense large volumes of information. They simplify it for easier understanding, and deliver it in a way that is unmatched.


Videos are shareable, upload your promotional video via numerous social media platforms, and deliver your message while growing your audience


Video works because it stimulates more of your senses, using a combination of sight, sound and motion to effectively tell your company’s story.


Videos are not just limited to your website & social media, but can also be used in presentations, events and at expos to further highlight the advantages your business has.

Allow people to experience more from your business.


Our Approach

We carefully craft our projects  to deliver a simple, clear and engaging message to your customers.


    Once we get to know you and your business, we develop a concept based on your needs, and business message. We work on the initial idea and design a project that has impact and connects with viewers, visually and emotionally.


    Once we have developed and agreed on a strong concept, we capture your business, emphasising the quality and value your products and services bring to the customer. We continually refine your project delivering a powerful final message.


    We take your project and highlight it through multiple social media and video channels. Adding keywords, descriptions and links to increase searchability. Whether your project involves photography or video, we offer a range of paid and complimentary advertising options allowing potential customers to reach your business.

Our photography shows quality and value in your products and services.

Open up your business to new possibilities

We offer a range of photography services designed for businesses

Our Clients

Businesses we are proud to work with

What they say

A few kind words from our clients


Little Picture House did an outstanding job in not only making the promotional video for our company, but editing it and delivering a top-notch product for our YouTube channel and website. It has exceeded my expectations! If you need a video, I highly recommend Little Picture House.”


“I found Little Picture House to be very easy to work with, more than flexible and offered a great service. The quality of the work speaks for itself. I feel we as a company received great value for money.”


“We at Vearsa always enjoy working with Little Picture House, being a publishing software company, we have various needs, from team portraits to school visits launching our latest eReading tool. John and his team always go above and beyond, the quality of the pictures and his work look great on our graphic heavy site, we would recommend him to anyone. Great value!

Mick Murphy Menswear

We have had the pleasure of working with John and the Little Picture House team on many occasions. Most recently on the update of our new website. John really listened to what we wanted and delivered 100%. He just gets it !!


How much do your services cost?

It’s important to us that you and your business have the opportunity to adopt our video & photography services into your marketing plan. Whether you’re a start up or seasoned business, we offer the same level of service and quality regardless. With promotional videos starting from €695 and commercial photography services starting from €400 we offer your business a range of affordable possibilities.

How long should a promotional video be?

A promotional video can vary in length from 30 seconds to 5 minutes +. But while the length of a promotional video is important, the content of the video that will hold the viewers attention is more so. If the content is weak then people will of course tune out, but if the content is strong and structured correctly then viewers will be engaged far longer.

What promotional video option should I begin with?

If you are new to promotional videos and this is your first introduction into this world, then we would recommend a Business Introduction Video. They would give people a complete overview of your business. From the products you stock or manufacture to the services your provide to your clients. You can always add further videos to highlight additional areas giving people a more detailed view of a new product or showing satisfaction with a customer testimonial.


Should I choose photos or videos for my website?

If you are a business owner and are considering a website then you will need quality content to fill it. The better the content the better the overall experience for the customer. Photos are needed to populate a website and show your products or services in an honest and engaging way. Videos are needed to expand on your business and give customers a better understanding of your business, product or service value.

Creative director

A passion for what we do…


Little Picture House is a unique production company in that we have developed our business to focus solely on commercial projects. Working with businesses that have the same drive and will to improve their customer experience. We focus on the end user and the needs they have as your customers. We give potential customers an increased awareness of your business, from a complete overview to a highly targeted aspect.

Little Picture House was started out of a passion for taking photographs and capturing video. We strongly believe that to produce great work you have to have a passion for it. Working closely with clients and their businesses is an wonderful opportunity to really get to know and understand their world and hopefully translate that commitment and passion witnessed, into imagery that is true and makes a human connection.

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We would love to hear about your business and what plans you have for the future. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our video & photography services, and how they can help you develop your business further.

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